Writing bad grammar is as bad as having bad breath. Like many other people, it easily puts me off no matter how important your write-up is.

This course mainly contains eight quiz questions. The questions will test your ability to spot grammatical errors, punctuation errors, as well as spelling mistakes. Our goal is to help you determine how well you can spot these errors without a specialized tool, especially the kind of errors that Ms. Word application will miss.

Once you complete the quiz, we would immediately send you an email about the best free tool you can use to write correct grammar, punctuation, and spellings anywhere anytime.

Please check your email once you have completed this quiz.

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Estimated Time: 7 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate


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This quiz is free.

What Others Have Said

  1. kavita mukherjee 2 weeks ago

    i want to learn english in written n verbal .

  2. Author
    Ayoade 2 weeks ago

    That’s good to know Kavita. We are currently working on the upgraded version of this course. We will announce here, once it is upgraded.

    By taking the upgraded version, you will:
    • Be able to write better spellings, grammar, and punctuations in your English write-ups.
    • Be able to improve your English to any level by simply following our advice.
    • Be able to easily spot and correct mistakes in your English

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